Choosing Your Wedding Date

 Now that you are engaged one of the next big steps is choosing your wedding date. The wedding date holds a lot of influence for the rest of your wedding. It's going to determine your wedding venue you choose, the theme of the wedding, and can even impact your wedding dress. It's important to not rush this process and choose a date you know you'll be happy with. 


When talking about when you want to get married think about the season that falls under. This can have a big impact on your style and also the availability of vendors. Summer and fall months are popular for couples to tie that knot. But that can also depend on where you want to have your wedding. So do some research about how popular your wedding date is. 

Consider Weekdays

As you can assume weekends are the most popular time couples get married. Having a weekday wedding can seem unusual but it's not unheard of. Weekday weddings do come with their perks. You might be able to get better pricing for vendors and even your venue for a weekday wedding. It will also open up availability because most of the time they are booked for weekends. 

Personal Date

Make your wedding date one with a lot of meaning behind it by making it personal. Choose one where you would like to honor someone who is no longer with you. It can also just be a lucky number of yours. Or think about the date you first met your partner for inspiration. 

Look Towards Astrology

If you are big into astrology use it to help you narrow down your wedding date. A new moon is a great time to get married because it's all about planting seeds and starting something fresh. However you are going to want to avoid wedding married when the moon isn't connecting with any other planet. 

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